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Welcome! 360º Vipava Valley.

From the valley, over the edge of Gora plateau, where the north wind bora is born to the highest peaks over the Valley, through the dark woods, past small villages and across the fertile wine growing hills.
The festival 360° Vipava Valley invites you to the MTB Marathon Vipava Valley. Bikers are invited to compete and enjoy in three races: 80 km, 50 km and 30 km. Bike trails are fun and exiting way to enjoy and taste the beautiful Vipava Valley from different angles

MTBVV 80 – Royal circle above Vipava Valley offers an unforgettable challenge with demanding ascends, spectacular downhills and enjoyable parts along the Vipava Valley wine growing hills and picturesque villages.

MTBVV 50 Diverse circuit along the slopes of the Vipava Valley passes wine trails and offers unique overview of the Vipava Valley. It welcomes you in all seasons.

Shortest route – MTBVV 30 Side roads between Ajdovščina and Vipava connects Ajdovščina and Vipava by almost forgotten paths on the slopes of the valley. Perfect enjoyment on not too demanding circle.

We are confident that mountain biking in and over Vipava Valley will fascinate you with the challenges, the sights, nature, flavors and people.
Welcome in Vipava Valley

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Track: 30 km, 50 km, 80 km

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